News - Jill Thirza Cooper

Website Changes!

Almost ready to go live with web store of paintings! This will replace the portfolio of artwork, requiring you to send me an email to find out about buying it. Making it EASIER for you! Stay tuned for the launch and a coupon code for my birthday week! xo, jill

Her Steady Horizon – A Gallery Show

A new show of my latest series, "Her Steady Horizon", will be happening this Saturday, February 25th, 6pm-9pm at KEW Dartmouth. These paintings are based on a series of photographs from the 50's, of unknown origin, of a woman walking into the ocean. Originally I was...

Gloom and Misery Everywhere, Stormy Weather

It is a grey and SUPER rainy day where I am, here in the Nova Scotia. It's the perfect kind of day to hunker down in your pajamas, under a blanket, with hot coffee and a book. And cake. Maybe some chips. So, I, of course, decided this was the day to head out to our...

Sold: Glimpse Before Drowning

One of my earlier, 18" x 24", acrylic paintings was sold to a Chicago collector! It's a quirky piece, one of my personal favorites as I was developing my style with a new medium for me. I know it has found a good home!

Paintings at KEW

After a summer of craziness, a few of my larger paintings have made it to the walls of KEW, in Dartmouth, NS, Canada! They are on display, and still for sale, for the next month or so. We're planning an event there, so stay tuned!

A year of Monday’s on display

Saturday night, Dec 14th, 7:30-11 pm, Forte' Framing and Gallery is excited to be having a show: "A Slice of Undertow, by Jill Cooper. This is a 2013 collection of original acrylics on canvas that feature a series of vibrant abstracts and tumultuous seascapes."