I’ve been radio silent for the past week because we have been working FULL OUT on getting these new Fundamentals of Drawing classes ready to LAUNCH in March! Gah! I’ve been doing the research, talking to a lot of folks in town, considering different venues, the times to run it etc…And I really liked the idea of after school at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre (or LCLC), here in Bridgewater, NS. The facility is new, large, and multifaceted – with meeting rooms, pool, arena, library. It gives me the opportunity to take students on mini drawling “field trips” around the facility. The LCLC has been very enthusiastic about my new classes and I’ve been working with them to find the right fit of times/rooms/registration. So…TODAY registration BEGINS!

I’m starting with the Fundamentals of Drawing, for three different groups:  Kids 8-12 years, Teens 13-17, and adults 18+. The courses run 6 weeks, starting the week of March 7th and each class is an hour long – from 4pm-5pm. There are only 8 spots per class and we start in two and 1/2 weeks! There is the possibility of offering additional classes at the 5-6pm slot if the classes fill up, so please check with me if online registration says it’s full.

Head to the “classes” link a the top of the website here and have a look!  Feel free to message me if you have any questions!