Her Steady Horizon – Installation at KEW Dartmouth

Her Steady Horizon – Installation at KEW Dartmouth

Welcome to KEW Dartmouth!

Artwork getting installed. My “Escape Under Blue” is greeting you at the door!



Her Steady Horizon. A triptych of a woman’s journey through the changing waters towards an unknown future. “Shore”, “Surf”, and “Sea”. Each 36″ x 36″ Oil on canvas.


This series NEEDS this couch!!! (I bet Ray can give you a deal if you buy the whole package!)





My two Peggy’s Cove pieces also got displayed for sale. It’s the first time I’ve hung them side by side. I like the contrast between the different extreme perspectives of the same subject.





We’re pretty happy with how it turned out! Oh, and we had some wines! Many thanks to Ray Frizzell for such a beautiful venue for my show, and for being such a great supporter of my artwork! xox