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Her Steady Horizon – Surf

Featured on @cbcarts Instagram






Charging Crescent

18″ x 32″ oil on canvas






Sea Lantern Balance

34″ x 48″ oil on canvas






Escape Under Blue

Featured on @eastcoastmag and @ArtworkArchive Instagram







Seeing Through the Smoke – Standing Rock Series”

Coastlines, clouds and sunsets can keep me mesmerized for days, and Jill paints them with such skill and texture that I can almost smell the salt in the air. Her work is detailed and poignant. She can evoke innocence, longing, despair, or hope with the stroke of a brush. Jill Cooper’s work just keeps getting better, and I’m following her artistic journey with fascination and more than a little envy!

(Owner of “Sea Lantern Balance” and “Her Steady Horizon” series reproductions.)

Michelle Waitzman

“A Glimpse Before Drowning” kept calling out to me every time I saw it. When I learned the title I realized the piece perfectly captured my fascination and fear of large bodies of water.  Honestly, I was hypnotized by it and for me it conveyed exactly how I felt while listening to loud, drone-y, shoe-gazer music like My Bloody Valentine. I had to get it!
Douglas Leinen

I walked in to that gallery and my mind was blown! But most of all I was pretty shook up about this one in particular. It was one of the first paintings I saw. “Cloudy Sunrise.” When I say shook up. It’s not in a offended way. It was WTF! This scene happened to me.! I saw this in real life…

My pops had past some years before this art show. And my family was going through somewhat of hard times after. So every night after his passing I’d go to the Main street beach in Evanston and sit on the rocks and I’d talk to him. I’d tell him I’m scared. This hurts. I’m numb. I really need your advice. Just give me a sign. I went to that beach for a whole 2 months. I began to get frustrated because every night there was nothing. I wanted a change of wind. I wanted a star to pop out bright in the sky. I wanted an owl or some late night bird to chirp after I asked my questions. Nothing. But I didn’t give up.

This one night I had been crying non-stop and jumped in my car and sped to the beach. I sat upon the rocks as I usually did and I closed my eyes. And on this still night the wind picked up. I heard branches rustling. I opened my eyes and lifted my head to see this bridge of a light on the water. It was the moon. It had popped out so bright. Lit up the whole lake. Clouds had started moving passed it. The water started to ripple from the wind. And I just stared at the moon and the water and the bridge of light.  While I was staring at the light on the water there was a break in the bridge. I strained to see what that was and it was a boat that had passed through the light. Boy oh boy! My eyes dried. I smiled. And I simply said. Thank you poppa. And my guilt went away.

Walking into that gallery and seeing that scene sent chills through me. It also warmed me. But then not being able to take my eyes off it, I pulled Jill to the side and shared this story with her. I hadn’t shared it with anyone until this night. I told her I must have this piece. And thanked her for being able to express emotions in people without knowing it would. Jill Cooper is by far one of my favorite artists. She has so many wonderful pieces. I advise all to take a gander and purchase a piece. You won’t regret it.

Malikah A.